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Happy 20th Anniversary SDN Bluebell!

Friday 2 December, 2016

Congratulations to SDN Bluebell, Belconnen who celebrate their 20th anniversary this Sunday 4 December 2016!

In 1996, SDN was invited to submit an Offer to Operate the new purpose-built child care centre in Belconnen, ACT. SDN was awarded the contract, and SDN Bluebell was officially opened on 4 December 1996.

Although geographically located a long way from ‘head office’ at Broadway, Sydney, SDN Bluebell is an important member of the SDN family. The centre has played a happy role in the lives of thousands of children in the ACT, always providing an inclusive and integrated approach to care and education.

Happy 20th birthday, SDN Bluebell!

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