No two families are alike. Which is why at SDN, you’ll find a range of support and therapy options to suit your family's needs - with support as unique as your child.

Each child will have different things they need to learn but we’ll make a plan with you to help develop whichever skills will help your child and family the most.

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We listen to you

Therapy is there to improve your day-to-day life, not get in the way. With this in mind, we ensure our therapy works in with your regular routine in the places where you spend most of your time. We’ll come to you at home, day care, school, the local park, a regular sporting event or even at the shops – the choice is yours.

Not only is this more convenient for you, it gives your child the best chance of learning. After all, they’re more comfortable in the environments they know best.

Here are just a few other ways you will benefit with SDN:

  • More direction – from the very beginning, we’ll discuss the skills you’d like to see your child develop. From here, we can develop a plan to achieve these goals
  • Better understanding – before any changes are made, we’ll listen to you to learn what is working and what has worked before. The aim is then to build on these strengths so the whole family can make the changes that will benefit everyone
  • Strengthened skills – every child is unique and you know your child best, so with us you lead the way. We’ll help you develop the skills you need to help your child every day

Equip your child with the skills to find their place in the world.