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SDN Brighter Futures

Early intervention and prevention services for children facing challenges, and their families


Brighter Futures is a voluntary program for families who are expecting a child or have children up to and including eight years of age, and who are facing problems that are affecting their ability to care for their children.

The program provides families with the necessary support and services to help prevent an escalation of the problems they are facing. We recognise that supporting families before problems reach a crisis improves family resilience, promotes healthy child development, and reduces child abuse and neglect.

Brighter Futures is part of a range of NSW Government early intervention and placement prevention services. SDN has been appointed as a lead agency by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services to deliver Brighter Futures in four regions in NSW.

SDN works in partnership with different services within those regions to provide tailored and effective support for families. Agencies should contact their local SDN Brighter Futures office for more information on working with SDN.

If you’re a service provider wanting to know how to refer a family, you can find out more about Brighter Futures here.

If you’re a family who has been referred to Brighter Futures, or if you think the program can help you, read more about Brighter Futures here.