How does pricing under the NDIS work?

If your child is eligible for individualised funding under the NDIS, you will receive a plan with a set amount of money to purchase the services, support and equipment you need for your child to reach their goals.
Your child’s NDIS plan will be made up of various categories of support that have been funded, with a total that is the sum of the individual amounts allocated to each category.

For example, your child’s plan may total $15,394.60 and include:
- $13,770.40 in the Improved daily living skills category 
- $719.60 in the Increase social and community participation category
- $904.60 in the Improved life choices category

Each category links to a choice of services, supports and equipment with a cost that is set by the NDIS (generally an hourly rate).
When you talk to us, we will discuss with you the different possibilities and mix of items available in each funded category that may be suitable for your child’s therapy.

The level of support and funding provided for each child will directly related to their needs. As a child’s needs change, their therapy plan can be adjusted accordingly.

You can find full details of categories of services, support or equipment that SDN is registered to provide and their prices here.