Staying COVID safe at SDN

Update about SDN’s response to the latest COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 restrictions are now in place across Greater Sydney and all of NSW.

Across SDN

All our locations have a COVID-safe plan and continue to have on-site check-in through a QR code.

You can read about SDN’s COVID safe measures here

SDN centres

Our centres will stay open during stay at home orders and it will otherwise be business as usual.

We have put additional restrictions in place including putting a hold on any excursions, incursions, and unnecessary visits including tours by potential families.

Waiving the gap fee for families with CCS in our long day care centres

On 15 July 2021 the Australian government announced that from Monday 19 July, long day care services can choose to waive the gap between their daily fee and a family’s Child Care Subsidy (CCS). SDN has chosen to do this, however we’re only allowed to waive it for families who:

  • are enrolled at a long day care centre in one of the local government areas defined to be within the Greater Sydney region
  • who are eligible for CCS, and
  • who are keeping their child at home during the current lockdown.

This means the gap fee waiver does not apply:

  • to families not eligible for CCS
  • on any days your child actually attends our centre.

The gap fee waiver is in place until the lockdown in Greater Sydney ends.

Based on the latest information from the government, additional absences during this period may be available once you have used your usual 42 days of allowable absences, which started again from 1 July.

Wearing masks

Face mask rules have recently changed and you must wear a face mask at indoor non-residential premises in NSW. You must also carry a face mask with you at all times if you are from the Greater Sydney Area, and there are additional restrictions in place for people in particular local government areas.

The latest face masks rules are here

Please make sure your mask covers both your nose and mouth. The correct way to use a face mask is outlined here

Previously early childhood educators were exempt from the requirement to wear face masks indoors when working directly with children. This exemption was removed on 18 July for educators in the Greater Sydney area. This means our early childhood educators will now be wearing masks when with children, however they are allowed to remove them under certain circumstances, for example if a child is distressed or to be able to make themselves clear to a child.

Children’s Therapies

Our team will be in contact with you to discuss options for appointments.

We understand, however, that some of you may want to make changes to your therapy during this time. To help you make this decision, your therapist will be in contact with you and confirm where they live.  Options available to you are to:

  • continue face to face therapy, subject to your location and availability
  • transfer to zoom or
  • cancel your appointment.

If you wish to transfer to zoom or to cancel an upcoming appointment please contact the SDN enquiry team at


Everyone over the age of 12 must wear a mask to any clinic sessions. 

Our therapists will be wearing a mask to home sessions and we encourage anyone over the age of 12 to wear one too. During a session, our therapists may need to pull their mask down to engage your child. We have a practice guide for our therapists on how to do this safely. 

If you do not have a mask, please let us know and we will provide one. If you have a condition where you are exempt from wearing a mask please let us know.

Other measures

One of our administrators will contact you before every appointment to make sure that you are well.

You will also be asked to maintain a 1.5m distance where possible throughout the session.

Additionally, we also want to remind you that if you are unwell, please contact us to either re-schedule or transfer the appointment to Zoom.

Family programs

Our team will be in contact with you to discuss options for appointments. At SDN, we prioritise working with you and your family to ensure you see progress on your family projects and we will do what we can to ensure you reach the goals we have discussed.


Continue to wear a mask at appointments and encourage all family members over the age of 12 to wear masks too. We can supply these if needed. If you have an appointment at an SDN site you will be required to wear a mask, again these can be supplied if needed.

Pre-appointment contact

We will continue to contact you before each appointment to complete an online health declaration. If you, or members of your family are unwell, waiting for the results of a COVID test, or have been asked to isolate, please let us know.

Where can I go for help at this time?


You can stay up to date with changes as they occur here  

If your child is enrolled in one of our long day centres and you are facing financial issues, please speak with your centre director about whether you can access the Additional Child Care Subsidy, or find out more here:

Other support can be found at:

Emerging Minds:

Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800 or

Lifeline: 13 11 14 or

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