Staying COVID safe at SDN

SDN is registered as a COVID Safe organisation. Staying COVID Safe for children, families and staff is a priority at SDN.

The ways we ensure that we stay safe include:

Limiting and screening external visitors to the centres and clinics
Visitors to SDN centres and clinics are now limited to essential visitors, this includes future families taking tours, or on orientation visits, contractors who are performing essential maintenance and repairs, therapists and regulatory bodies.

At the moment, all excursions, playgroups, face-to face staff professional development and external student placements have been put on hold. Any change to this will be subject to a strict review process to ensure controls are in place to help minimise potential risks.

Where possible, deliveries are made outside of our centres and clinics using contactless means.

All visitors complete health declaration screening before entering our clinics or centres and before an appointment with one of our therapists. Hand sanitiser is available throughout our centres and clinics.

We keep records of visitors for easy contact tracing and have also conducted contact tracing drills to help us remain prepared.

Surfaces touched by families or external visitors are wiped down after drop off times and after pick up times.

Reminders that we need to stay COVID Safe
Posters are prominently displayed in centres and clinics so staff can easily recognise symptoms, cleaning and hygiene practices at SDN premises.

Increased cleaning
SDN had high cleaning standards before COVID, however we have doubled our existing measures and introduced new measures.

Cleaners are completing deep cleans of all SDN centres, there is more frequent cleaning of items that get touched regularly. Some of the additional things we are doing include:

In all locations:
Frequently touched surfaces, such as our sign in kiosks and door knobs are wiped clean before use and throughout the day

All staff and children wash their hands with soap and water:

  • before and after eating
  • after going to the toilet
  • when re-entering premises after playing outside.


In centres:
Nappy and toilet areas, tables, beds, benches, art and craft equipment are cleaned and disinfected on a regular cycle or after each use.

Children’s play equipment is sanitised daily. Mouthed toys are removed immediately and disinfected as soon as possible. All small toys in 0-2s rooms are disinfected, at the minimum, daily.

Outdoor equipment is cleaned thoroughly with cleaning materials every week and tables, chairs, highchairs are cleaned with warm soapy water, and cleaned after every mealtime. Floors are mopped daily and as required.

We clean stretcher beds after each use and clean cots between children and once a week for five-day per week babies. We do not allow children to share beds or bedding.

We ask all children to bring their own, labelled water bottle and separate washers, tissues and bibs are used for each and every child.

Tracking staff children and families with symptoms
We have implemented tracking and reporting of any staff, children and family members being tested for COVID-19 and outcome of testing. Staff or children with any symptoms are required to stay home and until they are symptom free or they get tested.

Checking and promoting staff wellness
Health declaration screening forms are completed by all casuals working at SDN centres
We have implemented daily temperature checks on all staff involved in working directly with children in our centres.
We have made subsidised flu shots available for all staff and casuals.
We have created communication channels internally to help us to manage any COVID-related questions or queries that staff and families may have.

Educating children
During group times we talk with children about the importance of good hygiene measures and we have introduced to the children to a new way of greeting each other and showing affection for example, instead of hugging and holding hands, to do an "elbow tap".

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