Accreditation for early childhood teachers recognises them as professionals

Thursday 14 January, 2016

Earlier this week the NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, announced that early childhood teachers will be accredited alongside their peers in NSW schools. This further recognises the important contribution that early childhood teachers make to children’s education in the years before they start primary school.

Under this initiative early childhood teachers will need to have qualifications from government approved universities and complete ongoing professional development to maintain their accreditation.

The policy to accredit early childhood teachers has been developed in close consultation with the early childhood sector.

“Early childhood educators have been pushing for this for many years,” Minister Piccoli said. “It is recognition that like primary school and high school teachers early childhood teachers are also professionals, who are university trained, with high standards to meet.”

Our CEO, Ginie Udy, welcomes this new move and echoes the sentiment that early childhood teachers are making a huge difference in the lives of our children and are professional workers, just like their primary school counterparts.

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