Adam and Claire

Claire’s son, Adam, was just 11 months when he suffered a brain injury. He lost the ability to talk, and eat, and his walking and gross motor skills were severely effected. It meant he had lost the skills he had learned and it was as if he had reverted back to being a newborn.

Claire was already working with SDN to support Adam’s older brother who had speech difficulties. SDN specialises in providing tailored support for children with a disability or developmental delay. When she approached us about Adam we were able to begin working together immediately. We helped her navigate the application for NDIS funding, ensuring that all of Adam’s therapeutic needs would be met.

At SDN we use the keyworker approach. This means that a collaborative team of professionals is working to support you and your child and is fully involved in your child’s support and care, but it is one person, your key worker, who delivers the care. This ensures not just consistency of care, but also the creation of a deep and rewarding relationship, which is so important in cases such as Adam’s.

Adam has been working with his SDN keyworker, Michael, for 14 months now. Claire tells us about the transformation she has seen:

“So on the first day that Michael worked with him, Adam was just basically crying into me and would not look at him. Wouldn’t go near him. Wouldn’t acknowledge he was there, just clinging onto me, crying. And the last time that Adam saw him was in the childcare centre two weeks ago. And he was playing with Michael… he was actually playing with Michael and interacting with him, laughing with him.”

“I’m very happy to be involved in the SDN side of things because they’ve just been amazing from the beginning. They feel like they’re your family, and it’s almost like you ring them and say, “I need help. I need support,” and they’re like, “Yep, sure. We’ll be there.”

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