Develop social skills

Supporting your child’s behavioural development

Are sensory processing issues impacting their everyday interactions with peers?

These difficulties can cause frustrations that may lead to behaviours of concern. Some behaviours can get in the way of your child’s social and learning development and prevent them from reaching their everyday goals.

SDN’s professional teams of speech pathologists, occupational therapists physiotherapists and child development specialists are experts in understanding, guiding and supporting positive children’s behaviour. We can support your child so that:

  • Mealtimes are less stressful
  • They can more easily communicate their needs and wants
  • They understand more about their routine
  • They understand the impact of their behaviour on others.

Your child is unique and will have unique goals, strengths and weaknesses. So we start by getting to know them, building up a picture of their strengths and gaining a deep understanding of their behaviours.

We go beyond the behaviour of concern itself to identify the underlying issues such as sensory processing issues or communication issues that are causing that behaviour.

We then break down your goals into simple steps and work with your child’s strengths and interests to encourage their development.

Together, we will help you implement positive behaviour strategies and reinforcements that can be implemented in your everyday life.

We will make the most of SDN’s diverse team of professional occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech pathologists, utilising their expertise when your child needs it most.

Therapists can work in the places where your child lives, learns and plays so that the skills they learn in therapy are reinforced in their everyday life. We will go into your child’s school or preschool to help understand more about your child and work with their educators to build their strengths.

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