SDN Beranga and Jeans for Genes

This week the team at SDN Beranga have been celebrating Jeans for Genes week, it is something that many services may engage in but for us it has taken on a huge level of importance this year as one of our children, Lachlan, is one of the national faces of this year’s campaign. Lachlan is a very special little boy who has been a part of the SDN Beranga learning community for the last 2 years. Lachy is here as he has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and like some of the other children who attend here he also has additional diagnoses including hypertonic cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. This has been found to be caused by a genetic disease SCN2A, which Lachy was diagnosed with at 2 years of age. Lachy inspires us here every day he attends and has truly stolen some hearts along the way, he has made some amazing progress as we have watched his play skills expand, his use of communication approaches develop and his awareness and participation in the daily routine grow. We understand that his journey is complex so the work that he and his family are undertaking to support Jeans for Genes is a phenomenal contribution to this charity. 

Jeans for Genes is a charity that raises money to develop research for genetic disorders and childhood illnesses. It is headquartered in the Children’s Medical Research Institute in the grounds of Westmead Children’s Hospital. The foundation has been operational for over 60 years and has developed pioneering research and procedures for many childhood illnesses, which are used in hospitals across Australia and throughout the world. Lachy’s family have been raising money and highlighting the cause this year, not only as one of the national faces but also personally holding a running fundraising event to support this amazing cause.

This year in particular, we wanted to highlight the charity and the work the New family were doing, we have been engaging in lot of play and experiences with the children, in the classrooms we used fabric and pieces of denim in art works, both individually and as part of group work. We have had lots of jeans donated to be recycled and reused, which has resulted in lots of dress up opportunities and exploration of different shades of blue. The children were invited to wear their denim, so we had some great style in the service this week from not only the children but the staff too. We also had some lovely conversations about how science and doctors can help children. To link in with the fundraising event Lachy’s family held, we have also been holding our own mini running races in the afternoon with the children. It has been a wonderful week of celebration and recognition of this amazing charity.

To join Lachy's fundraising campaign, and help raise money for research into genetic disorders and childhood illnesses, click here.

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