What to look for when touring a centre – your checklist

Your child and your family are unique. You will have unique needs from the centres you are visiting.  The most important thing to consider when touring at a centre is how staff in that centre take the time to get to know and your child, your needs and your interests. 

Below is a list of questions you might ask on your tour. Before you go on the tour, think about what is important to you, and focus on asking those questions. Remember, a quality service focuses on the total wellbeing of the child, developing their hearts, building their bodies and engaging their minds.

Caring hearts

Developing caring hearts takes connection, empathy and care.

  • How are the staff engaging and playing with the children? Are interactions warm, respectful and responsive to children?
  • What happens if your child is upset?
  • Does the centre have routines? If so, do they respond to children’s needs?
  • Are children with additional needs included at the service?
  • How does the centre support family culture? Will they share in the celebrations that matter to you and your family?

Healthy bodies

Healthy bodies require a foundation of good nutrition, as well as engaging indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Does the service have adequate space and provide indoor and outdoor experiences?
  • Are there lots of active free play and music and movement experiences?
  • How are children’s needs for sleep or rest met?
  • Does the centre encourage healthy eating? What does a typical menu look like?
  • Is the centre allergy aware?
  • How does the centre support fussy eaters?

Curious minds

Building curious minds goes beyond learning the ABCs.

  • Every centre should have a philosophy, a statement that guides the way they practice with children – check the philosophy of the centre you are touring. Is it in line with your own beliefs?
  • How will the centre support child’s learning?
  • How does the centre’s educational program cater to individual interests and development?
  • Are educator qualifications displayed for all families to view?
  • How much professional development do staff get? How much time do staff have planning for your child’s learning?
  • How does the centre prepare children for school and beyond?

Enjoy your tour of our service. Once you’ve completed your tour, or if you can’t make it to your tour please feel free to call us at any time 1300 831 445.

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