Thrive is our most popular and comprehensive therapy package. It allows you to customise the program that best meets your child’s goals and your family’s needs. If you have NDIS funding our thrive package helps you make the most out of your NDIS plan. If you don’t have an NDIS package, or you are waiting to go through NDIS planning, you can pay for the package on a session by session basis.

A tailored Thrive package can help your child:

Cope with daily routines

Including sleep, mealtimes, toileting and leaving the house.

Learn self-help skills

Such as feeding, dressing showering and getting out and about.

Develop social skills

Such as making friends, talking to peers, sharing and turn taking, and respecting personal space – helping your child live and learn successfully.

Make a successful transition to school

Children with ASD can find transitions difficult. For many, going to school can seem like a big leap. If you have a child who is preparing for their transition to school or to high school, we can help get all of you prepared, and get your child’s new school ready, too.

Manage challenging behaviours

Together, we will help you implement positive behaviour strategies and reinforcements that can be implemented in your everyday life.

How it works

Step 1: Initial consultation

The 90-minute initial consultation turns your child’s NDIS plan (if applicable) into action. All families will come out of this consultation with an action plan that includes:

  • Specific goals and outcomes
  • How often your child receives service
  • The location of your service

We’ll match your child with the therapist whose skills best meet their needs.

Step 2: Therapy

Our purpose-selected therapist (an occupational therapist or speech pathologist) will work with your child and family towards the goals set out in the initial consultation.

You can choose between having your child’s therapy delivered by a single therapist (we call this the key-worker model) or by a team of therapists who support children with autism or a developmental delay.

Step 3: Measure success, and plan for the future

As children grow, their needs change. That’s why we regularly assess your child’s needs and progress, and plan ahead for their next goals.

Call us for your free consultation on how our therapists work flexibly with your child and family: 1300 831 445.

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