You don't have to be permanently enrolled to book a full or half day flexible session at SDN Mosman and get access to beautiful indoor and natural outdoor play areas, care by our friendly and experienced educators and hot meals. Our flexible sessions are great for families who don’t wish to commit to a permanent weekly booking and are available for Babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

You can choose from a full or half day of education and care.

To register call us on 1300 831 445. We will take you through our simple registration and orientation process. Once you’re registered you’ll be able to book flexible sessions half or full day sessions for your child.

Some things you might want to know


Call us and we will send you all you need to register online. You’ll pay a one-off $50 registration fee and gain access to an app where you can book a session for your child.


Before your first session we will organise a time for you to come and visit with your child, meet our team of educators, find out more about our routines and educational program. This is also our chance to find out more about your child such as their likes, dislikes eating and sleeping habits.

Choose your session

You will be able to choose from a full (7.30am-6.00pm) or half day (9am-2pm) session.

Child care subsidy

Eligible families can apply to receive Child Care Subsidy. Find out more by using the government’s subsidy calculator.

Meet the Director

Find out more about our experienced director Leanne DeMatos.

More information

More information, including information on nutrition, our outdoor space and educational program is available can be found here.

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