Just for the joy of it…

Blowing bubbles is one of children’s (and some adults!) favourite activities, but why would we want to indulge in this activity at our centres? Most of the time it’s just because it is so fun!

There is something magical about applying a gentle, sustained exhale to what seems like an empty space and seeing light, colourful spheres appear…did I really do that? And can I do it again? Yes as many times as that soft blowing can be sustained! And is there any sunshine around? Watch those spheres sparkle in all colours of the rainbow, and try and pop as many as you can! Or catch one again on your blowing wand. And most of all smile and laugh with delight with the people you’re with as together you create something beautiful and magical. Because really the main reason we blow bubbles, is just for the joy of it!

I don’t know about you but any moment when I can exhale and let my worries go (like those bubbles) is a good moment. We all, and especially children, need as many moments of pure unadulterated joy in their lives as possible. We have so many tasks and duties to tick off in our lives…Childhood is the only time really when fun and play and just being is actually OK to do for sustained lengths of time.

At SDN we want to give children as many of those moments of pure joy as possible: we like blowing bubbles! We love seeing the look of pure joy on children’s faces, especially children who approach life with more caution, and we love feeling a part of the magic too.

Goodness knows as adults we spend lots of money on classes and exercises and books to help us unwind, chill out or be more mindful. Maybe we should be blowing more bubbles instead!

PS If you are going to take up bubble blowing on a more regular basis, don’t be tempted to shake the bottle: the froth doesn’t help the bubbles form, in fact the liquid should be as clear and still as possible! Just like our state of mind!

SDN’s joyful homemade bubble recipe

1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of glycerine (available online or at health food stores)
2 tablespoons of dishwashing detergent

Mix all ingredients, dip, blow and enjoy

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