Our promise to your child and family

We will

  • Recognise your child as unique, and change with them as they learn, grow and develop
  • Use play to engage your child in therapy
  • Listen to your child and use their interests and skills to help them to reach their goals and milestones
  • Involve you and your family in your child’s therapy through:
  1. Understanding what you want most for your child and working with you and them to set goals
  2. Teaching you practical ways to provide therapy  with your child in your everyday life
  3. Connecting you with other resources and services
  • Work closely with the important people in your child’s life including other therapists, medical professionals, teachers, carers and siblings
  • Respect and value your culture, beliefs and family values
  • Communicate with you and your child openly and honestly
  • Ensure our therapists are regularly trained and their skills kept up to date
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