Early Childhood, Early Intervention

For parents of children aged 0-6 who have a disability or developmental delay, or are concerned about their child’s development, Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) is the place to start.

ECEI has been developed by the NDIA to help children and families gain and use the skills they need to thrive. ECEI is managed by different providers in different locations and SDN is a provider across metropolitan NSW and the Nepean Blue Mountains. If you are from outside these areas - find a provider who can provide you with ECEI support.

What happens in ECEI?

When you first come to SDN for ECEI, we start by asking you what would improve the wellbeing of your child the most and we plan from there.
Some of the things we can do include

  • Provide you with information and develop a profile of your child
  • Refer you to support services like a Community Health, playgroups or peer support group
  • Provide a range of short-term supports. For example, if your child has a developmental delay and isn’t speaking, we might provide some speech therapy or other support strategies
  • If your child requires more intensive long-term support we will assist you to complete an access request form to receive an individualised NDIS plan
  • Undertake the planning process with you if the NDIA approves your request.
    The support that’s right for your child might be a combination of the options above.

NDIS process diagram



Do I need a referral?

No, although information from a doctor, nurse or early childhood teacher could be useful.

Where does SDN offer ECEI?

ECEI is managed by different providers in different locations.

SDN's ECEI locations

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