How do we support you?

ECEI provides short term supports to children with a disability or developmental delay and their families. There are three types of support provided through ECEI:

  • Information and connection back to resources in your community
  • Short term support (often called short term intervention)  
  • Longer term intervention (building an NDIS plan)

This page describes the second type of support, short term intervention, provided by SDN Children’s Services

Play-based learning in a group setting

Because children learn best through play, at SDN we use group play to support your child to change, grow and develop. You will also attend the group, so you can develop the skills you need support your child’s ongoing development and connect with other families facing similar challenges.

What might short term intervention look like for my child?

Your ECEI short term plan of support will start when one of our key workers meets with you to talk through the needs of your child and family and discuss recommendations for short term support. We will then call you to further discuss your goals, expectations and what we hope to achieve for your child. We will then be ready to start.

For more information, or to get started call us on 1300 831 445.

Short term intervention at SDN
Week one
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In week one you and your child will attend your first group play and interaction session. In this session we will continue to assess your child’s development and skills while we support them to play and interact with other children.

Because our therapy is provided in a group setting you will also be able to meet and make connections with other families facing similar challenges.

Week two
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In your second week you and your child will attend our play and interaction group again. We will also complete a plan on the we think will help your child to best achieve the goals you set At the end of the week one of our key workers will call you to talk through and agree the strategies you can implement over the next week.

Week three
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In week three we will use the group session to model the strategies and techniques we spoke about on the phone. We will also use the time to further assess what supports outside of ECEI might be right for your family. We will also call you to talk to you about accessing services in your community.

Week four
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In week four we will check in with you when you attend the group session. During this chat we will discuss how the strategies we discussed are working at home and talk over strategies to practice over the following two weeks. We will also make sure you have a clear plan on how you can engage in the community services available to support your child over the coming few weeks while you have a break from the group sessions.

Weeks five to seven
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In weeks five to seven you will have a break from attending groups while you practice implementing your new strategies at home and in your community. We will call you to check in on what is working well and to help you with any barriers you’ve come across.

Weeks eight and nine
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In weeks eight and nine you can attend a group, or we will go to your child’s child care centre or a regular activity they are involved in with you. We might even visit your home, to be there during your regular routines.

Week ten
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In week ten you will receive your summary report which contains a summary of your goals, information of how to connect with your community supports and other recommendations on how you can meet your goals in preparation for our last meeting.

Weeks eleven and twelve
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In weeks 11 and 12 we will have a final meeting with your family. At this meeting we will discuss your summary report, goals and how you can continue with the strategies we discussed and practiced. We will also go over the plan of how you will be able to connect with other supports such as families, services in your community and strategies in future.

And then what happens?

While your ECEI support will end after 12 weeks, you won’t be alone. You will have new skills, new connections, contacts and plans so that you can continue to work towards the goals you want for your child and family.