Families are the experts when it comes to their child’s life – every family has strengths and skills that they can use to make positive changes. But thriving families don’t happen in isolation – all families need support at some time, and being willing to ask for help is a strength.

wellbeing wheel

Developing new skills within the family builds confidence, resilience and hopes for the future. SDN’s family support services help families to flourish by helping adult family members to build strong connections with their children and with their community resources. We work alongside families so they can build their strengths and use them as a foundation for ensuring their child’s wellbeing.

Through our family support services we support families to be able to:

  • ensure their child’s safety
  • feel confident in raising their children
  • have an understanding of their children’s development and how to support their learning
  • develop effective parenting skills
  • establish supportive networks.

Each child’s safety and wellbeing is our priority, so we offer tailored support as unique as each child and family.