Therapy works best when it is delivered in the places that children live, play and learn –when it is incorporated into your family’s everyday life and becomes part of all of the interactions you have with your child.

For working families, and for families with other demands on their time including the needs of other children, organising therapy for your child with autism can be daunting. The prospect of fitting a whole lot more into your regular routines can lift the stress levels on your family, which can be exacerbated if you are already dealing with behaviours of concern.

Many experts now recognise that there are a variety of ways that autism therapies and early intervention strategies can be incorporated into your family’s daily life, making therapies more effective and at the same time reducing stress and expense.

Every day and everywhere therapy 

The aim at SDN is for families to incorporate therapy into their everyday routines, rather than have it separated out into an isolated hour or two each week. 

SDN therapists recognise that you are the ultimate experts when it comes to your child, and their role is to empower your family to make decisions about what are the best choices for your child from a range of options.

Therapy works best when it is delivered in the places that children live, play and learn – so SDN professionals don’t restrict therapies to on-site or clinic-based service, with professionals visiting the family home or other location to address certain goals.

For example, if your family identifies a goal that you would like your child to interact with other children in a playground, a therapist may meet you at a playground to observe and to assist.

Multi-Disciplinary teams 

Children who use SDN’s services will usually have one key health professional that they work with regularly, called the key worker, who will work closely with your family as part of a team.

Different health professionals can be called in either directly, or in support of the key worker who has built a close relationship, bringing strategies from their area of expertise to help your child.

Because no two children are the same, your allocated SDN key therapist helps you to build a customised and creative plan for your child that draws on a range of strategies and approaches.

The plan may include one-to-one therapy with a specialist like a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, or a more team-based approach, and the plan for your child will change over time, as you identify different skills and behaviours to address.

SDN also works with your family to ensure that your child is able to access mainstream preschools and education services if that’s what your family chooses to do.

That may involve delivering services to your child’s preschool or it might involve a more intensive program at SDN Beranga, always with the goal of transitioning to a mainstream preschool or school when your child is ready.

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