SafeCare is a practical, evidence-based parenting program that is delivered one-to-one in the home with your family. It is suitable for families with children aged 0-5 years. Your SafeCare Provider will visit your family weekly and guide you through three modules: Health, Home Safety, and Parent-Child/Infant Interaction.

You will learn and practice different skills including; promoting good health decisions for your child, responding to your child’s behaviour to increase positive interactions during daily activities, and identifying common hazards within the home and removing these to make the environment as safe as possible for your child.

You will get to choose the order in which you complete the three modules. Your progress throughout the program is rewarded and celebrated at the end of each module!

Your SafeCare Provider will spend time getting to know your family and your strengths, and to learn more about your goals so that the program can be tailored to help you reach these.

Your SafeCare Provider will work with you to prepare and plan the sessions and ask for your feedback throughout the time you are working together, to help you get the most from the program.

Throughout the time that they are working with your family, your SafeCare Provider will be supported by a Coach. This helps ensure that the program is delivered to the highest standard so that you get the most from SafeCare.

If you think this is a program that could support your family’s goals, we can meet with you to explore SafeCare as a family project as part of  your journey with SDN Family Preservation and Support.


SDN is proud to have been awarded the SafeCare Agency Accreditation for 2022-2023. This accreditation is conducted annually by the National SafeCare Training Research Centre (NSTRC) to ensure high-quality implementations of the SafeCare program.

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