Our packages put you in control of your child’s therapy, allowing you to choose the type of therapist you’d like.

Your therapist will connect you to a whole team of experts for your child. They’ll work together, sharing ideas and skills for the best outcomes. And if you have more than one therapist, they’ll collaborate to achieve your NDIS goals, if applicable.

You have a say in where your therapy is delivered, whether it's in an SDN clinic or in the places where your child lives, learns and plays – making it more convenient for you and your child.

Your child’s therapy follows your family routine at home, and always includes an adult in your child’s life.

We believe in the power of play. All children learn best when they’re at play, so we use play as the starting point in all our support. We combine our expertise with play-based learning – whether it’s completing a puzzle or using a tool to communicate ­– to produce outcomes where your child learns something new that will help them meet their goals.

We start with your child’s strengths and interests to help reach their goals, to challenge and help them develop in other areas.

We build your skills and knowledge to continue their therapy every day. You’re the best therapist in your child’s life, so we give you the skills to support your child long term.

We won't tie you into a package. You’ll start by signing an agreement with us, where we outline what we will deliver to meet your child’s goals. However, we believe in developing a relationship with you and your child, and if things don’t work out, you will have the freedom to move on with only one month’s notice.

Read about our promise to you and our family here.

Find out more about SDN’s Children's Therapies most popular option, the thrive package.

 Watch the below video to find out more about our way of working. 

You can also read an overview of the Service Agreement that will operate for your professional relationship between SDN and the NDIS here.

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