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All Early Childhood Education and Care Services are required to have policies and related documents in relation to certain matters under Regulation 168 of the Education and Care Services National Regulations. SDN’s policies and procedures, including their associated documents, serve as our organisation’s reference for decision-making, service implementation and as evidence of compliance to relevant legislation, regulations and quality/best practice standards. If you would like a copy of any of SDN’s policies, please speak with your centre director or service manager. The following policies, procedures and standards may also provide you with helpful information about our services and operations.

Priority of Access for Enrolments and Attendances to SDN long day care centres during COVID19 and the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package 2020

Our commitment to children

About our policies

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations

Administration of Medication to Children

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Terms and Conditions

Child Protection and Wellbeing

Child Incident, Injury, Trauma, and Illness

Children with Medical Conditions

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Service Users

Complaints Management

Disability Service Standards

Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Code of Ethics 

Educational Program and Practice

Fee Charging and Collection for SDN Children’s Education and Care Centres

NDIS Fee Charging and Collection

NDIS Code of Conduct

About your NDIS Service Agreement

Photo and video consent information

Priority of Access to services

Privacy and Protection of Information

SDN Corporate Governance Charter

Separated Parents – Access to Information


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