The work we do with children and families has an impact on who children are and who they become. Scroll down to read stories of the impact we have had on the wellbeing of children and families.

Our impact at a glance


Early education and care centres


Children and families supported


Children with disabilities supported with early intervention


Families strengthened with dedicated support services

*Data from the period FY2021-2022

A message from our CEO

"We see the whole child, their world and their family. We respect their rights and encourage them to participate and have powerful voices."
Kay Turner, Chief Executive Officer

Early experiences are vital to children's wellbeing

They are loved and safe

They are healthy

They have a positive sense of culture and identity

They are learning

They are participating

They have material basics

Our stories

Creating impact with our scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

Discover how SDN's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarship program has helped families to access quality early childhood education and care, and prepare them for their transition to school and beyond.

Families helping families

Give a present for a better future. Families helping families is a program that supports the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island scholarship program. As a village, it gives SDN families an opportunity to play an active role in supporting other families, for their children to access quality early childhood education.

SDN Crookwell Preschool supporting regional and remote families to access therapy

The COVID-19 pandemic left many children and families feeling isolated and disconnected from their communities. During this time and since SDN Crookwell Preschool has been supporting children to access these important therapies.

The positive impact of a 43 year career in early childhood

What does it mean to truly make an impact in shaping a child’s life? Read about Anne's 43 year career journey at SDN.

The Beranga model: supporting children to reach their full potential

The positive impact that SDN Beranga Autism Specific Preschool has on children, families and in the community is beyond words. Qualified educators form a strong partnership with families to meet their child’s goals and inspire positive change every day. At Beranga, we create a village of support for families to feel confident, capable and connected.

SDN Pyrmont leads the community in embracing outdoor play

SDN Pyrmont has introduced a Outdoor Lead role in their team, to focus on the benefits and learning opportunities outdoor play gives to children. As the Centre is in an area where apartment living is prevalent, children thrive in the outdoor environment.

History of SDN

We are a not-for-profit organisation with a rich history, serving children and families for more than 116 years.

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Commitment to children

We are committed to enhancing the wellbeing Learning and development of children.

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Aboriginal scholarships

Our scholarship programs enable children to access quality early education, preparing them for their transition to school.

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