All learning opportunities, including our preschool program, are tailored to your child. We begin with the basics and cover everything a growing child needs to learn, such as literacy and numeracy, social skills and much more, in preparation for big school and beyond. And all of it reflects your child’s unique interests and strengths.

Our principles

  • We know that what we do has an impact on who children become. We recognise that we have a great privilege and responsibility
  • We support children to grow and develop in safe, unhurried, nurturing and challenging environments
  • We ensure that children are supported to be active and willing participants in their days and trusted as capable and confident learners.
  • We believe that every child has the right to responsive, respectful, reciprocal relationships with consistent adults.

Our practices with your child will be

  • Respectful – We will know your child’s interests, abilities culture and experience. We will recognise that your child is a competent, capable person with individual rights
  • Intentional – We will plan and act with purpose and care. We will document our intentions, and your child’s learning and development
  • Predictable – We will behave in a way that is expected and consistent
  • Attuned – We will sensitively observe in order to join your child on their “inner journey” and be in harmony with them. We will focus on your child’s vocalisations, body language, and facial expressions in order to understand what they need, want and feel
  • Responsive – We will watch and listen for your child’s verbal and non- verbal signals and act promptly in ways that relate to what they tell us.

Read our Educational Program booklet.

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