Our play-based activities are designed for the home and support the development of vital skills. From building, to art, to science and movement, our activities will nurture children’s caring hearts, healthy bodies and curious minds.

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Each child is unique and therefore our parenting approach needs to be too! Our series of short webinars and informative articles offer knowledge, strategies and tips to support you through your child’s developmental milestones.  

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Our recommended recipes are culturally diverse, nutritious and wholesome, inviting you to cook with your child. By involving children in the sourcing of ingredients and preparation of meals, they are encouraged to explore and try different types of foods.

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Books not only support the development of literacy skills but also invite children to explore their imagination. Our storytime readings are a great way for your child to follow along and increase their interest in reading. We also share our book recommendations of different topics, to help you find books that support your child’s interests.

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