We’ve heard from our families that you want to experience fewer processes and focus on the things that are important to you so you can achieve your goals and actively practice skills that build confidence.

This led us to develop a Thriving Families, SDN’s Family Centred Framework, so we’re consistent across the program. It’s evidence-based and innovative, and will ensure sustainable outcomes for you and your children.

At SDN child wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do. During your journey on the program we will measure child wellbeing outcomes for your children together and develop family projects that contribute to better outcomes for your child and family.

Principles of our Practice

What you will see from us when we work with your family is we will have cultural humility, focus on building trust and demonstrate vulnerability. We will strive for sustainable outcomes by

  • Demonstrating Respect
  • Working in Partnership. Once you agree to work with us we will develop a Family Partnership agreement which will be the foundation of our work together
  • Continuing to Learn. Part of this is seeking feedback from families as we want to measure to monitor effective service delivery and inform quality improvement.

Family Village

At SDN we know that every family is unique and our program is designed to support you to work on your goals. It uses the strengths you have in your family and your family’s ‘village’ from day one to achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your children.

SDN Village

At SDN we have a team of professionals with different skills and knowledge. Your family will be able to access the SDN Village as you identify your family projects and work towards the change you want to make for your family.

Coaching approach

Our work with you may feel different as SDN will use a coaching approach to build your confidence and skills over time so that when you leave SDN you have the resources and skills to continue to overcome challenges in your life.

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