The work we do with children and families has an impact on who children are and who they become. Scroll down to read stories of the impact we have had on the wellbeing of children and families.

Our impact at a glance


Early education and care centres


Children and families supported


Children with disabilities supported with early intervention


Families strengthened with dedicated support services

*Data from the period FY2021-2022

A message from our CEO

"We see the whole child, their world and their family. We respect their rights and encourage them to participate and have powerful voices."
Kay Turner, Chief Executive Officer

Early experiences are vital to children's wellbeing

They are loved and safe

They are healthy

They have a positive sense of culture and identity

They are learning

They are participating

They have material basics

Our stories

Thriving Families – humanising the family support system

Through their Thriving Families framework, our SDN Family Preservation team have reframed and adapted their practices to ensure their work makes a difference to the lives of children and families. At the centre of this is their coaching approach, which builds the capacity of families and acknowledges their unique strengths.

Supported playgroups; benefitting children and families now and into the future

SDN’s Ngara Nanga Mai Aboriginal Playgroup, supports the participation of vulnerable Aboriginal children and families by developing a sense of cultural connection and safety that ensures the cultural identity of children and families is accepted and nurtured.

Restructuring service teams for family impact

SDN has restructured the family facing SDN Enquiry Team, to ensure that families with children with disabilities are better supported to feel confident, capable and connected throughout their journey with SDN.

Family Preservation program - creating positive change

SDN Family Preservation program works in partnership with caregivers to achieve sustainable change for their child/ren and families such as improved child wellbeing and family functioning. Using a coaching approach, caregivers increase their knowledge and skills, leaving SDN feeling more confident to take on future projects with the support of our village. SDN delivers evidence-based parenting programs including Tuning into Kids.

SDN staff giving

Our Staff Giving program at SDN is an opportunity for each employee to make a positive difference in the life of a child. This year, we celebrate 10 years of this initiative. Hear from one of our longstanding staff members, Rosie, speak about what Staff Giving means to her.

Integrating and celebrating Indigenous culture

A program has been developed by educators at SDN Linthorpe St that integrates Indigenous culture in meaningful and creative ways, to deliver enriching outcomes for children.

History of SDN

We are a not-for-profit organisation with a rich history, serving children and families for more than 116 years.

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Commitment to children

We are committed to enhancing the wellbeing Learning and development of children.

Aboriginal scholarships

Our scholarship programs enable children to access quality early education, preparing them for their transition to school.

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