I hold a B.A (Honours) in Montessori Education from St. Nicholas Montessori College, Dublin, Ireland. I am certified as a Special Needs Teacher  and Early Childhood Teacher in Ireland. I graduated in 2010 and have been teaching in both Ireland and Australia since then. I have worked as a Special Class Teacher in Autism and Multiple Disability Classrooms, I spent my initial years in Australia working as an Educational Leader before joining the team in SDN Beranga.

 I started at SDN Beranga in January 2017. I had been following the work at Beranga for a while and was very excited when a vacancy came up and even happier when they welcomed me aboard. I initially started as a Room leader, then taking on the role of Educational Leader as well in 2019. I have been in the Acting Centre Director role since February 2020.

 The organisational philosophy really speaks to me, inclusive education is something that I am very passionate about and I am grateful to be a part of an organisation that puts it so central to their mission.

 I thrive on the small wins, when working with children with additional needs the smallest steps forward can equate to the biggest milestones. I love celebrating every single one and being grateful for the opportunity to share those moments with the children and their families.

We have an incredible team and learning community here in SDN Beranga. A centre is only walls and a roof without the hearts of the people inside.  As a team we bring a lot of love, joy and warmth to our roles, towards one another, the children and the families we support. It is a special place.

I don’t think anyone that is working for SDN will forget the last few months, it has been awe inspiring to work with the team here to overcome so many hurdles and opportunities as we navigated the new normal.

I am a pretty avid traveller and have spent time living and travelling across 5 continents, although COVID has currently brought any travel plans to a halt, it just gives me more time to plan the next adventure.

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