At SDN we’re here for the wellbeing of children. 

The concept of wellbeing is behind everything we do, from promoting healthy relationships, designing accessible centres, meeting and outdoor spaces to promoting a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations. At SDN all staff are expected to act in a way that prioritises the wellbeing of children at all times.

SDN's Wellbeing Wheel visually represents how we believe many factors interconnect to create a state of wellbeing for children.

At the heart of children’s wellbeing is the need to be free from abuse, neglect and violence. Many staff members at SDN are mandatory reporters. This means they have a legal obligation to report any suspicions they may have that a child is at risk of harm. At SDN we take this role seriously and train our staff to take it equally as seriously.

To help us ensure that all misconduct towards children is reported we have established a channel through which staff can confidentially pass on information about any misconduct towards a child that they may have witnessed. All investigations of allegations of misconduct are led by the SDN’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

All staff at SDN receive training on child safety and wellbeing, including guidelines about what constitutes illegal, unacceptable, and concerning behaviour in relation to children. Our Child Protection Policy outlines, in detail, SDN’s commitment to child protection and wellbeing, our role as mandatory reporters, and our strategies to ensure all allegations of reportable conduct are investigated.

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