Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait scholarship program provides funds to enable children to access quality early education, preparing them for the transition to school.

Creating impact

Research shows that the first two years of preschool will substantially improve student performance at 15 years of age and decrease the need for special education placements.

By donating to our scholarships fund, you can have a profound impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s life-long learning by helping them gain access to preschool education.

Thank your child's teacher

Families have the option to thank their child's teacher for their hard work and dedication by making a donation to the scholarship program, in their name. If you would like to thank a teacher or educator make a donation here.

Giving children a preschool education 

SDN’s scholarship fund has provided opportunities for more than 100 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children across New South Wales to attend preschool. Every donation helps give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children preschool education.

“With the knowledge that more than double the number of Aboriginal children start school developmentally vulnerable compared to their non-Aboriginal peers, we have set up an initiative to help families overcome the financial and cultural barriers preventing them from accessing a quality preschool program.” - Kay Turner, CEO

Give the present of a better future, donate today.

  • You choose the amount you’d like to donate (donations greater than $2 are tax deductible).
  • There are no administration fees so all money donated goes to the child’s fees.
  • Any amount will be gratefully received.

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