Wrap around services

SDN Beranga’s experienced children’s occupational therapists and speech pathologists provide unique wrap around services for your child and family.

If your child has funding through an NDIS plan, you can use your NDIS funding to access one to one, tailored therapy for your child at the centre. Our qualified therapists will also work with you to ensure that your child’s therapy continues after preschool and on weekends. If your child also attends another preschool or child care centre, our family support worker can support you to ensure your child moves smoothly between centres.

Some of the services you can choose are:

  • Therapy session in the room, our therapist will conduct a session in the room with your child working on their goals with the educators. Having the therapist in the room allows you to increase your child’s support in their natural routines as the therapist will also coach the educators in the room on ways to support your child across the day. This means your child’s therapy continues long after the session is completed.
  • Attending meetings regarding your child’s educational program, you can select for your therapist to sit in meetings with the educators to coach them on how to work on your child’s goals in the program.
  • Family sessions in our clinic, our therapist can sit with you and go through your goals and work with you on how to support your child at home and in the community.
  • Therapy sessions in our clinic, our therapist can work individually with you and your child. Together they’ll work on your child’s goals and coach you on how you can work on these within your home.
  • Develop resources for your child that you can use at home or the educators can use in the centre

Support to access the NDIS

If your child is yet to access NDIS, our Family Support Worker will work with you to apply for NDIS funding.

Supporting the transition to school

As your child progresses towards transitioning to school, our family support worker will help to make that transition as smooth as possible, including providing you with information on the mainstream and specialised specific school options available for your child.

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