Your child, supported by our village

You wouldn’t change your child for the world, but you would change the world for your child. That’s why when we welcome children and families to our SDN village, we create a place where every child belongs.

From spaces that spark exploration and learning, to healthy meals and warm, engaged staff — every part of SDN helps children discover their own unique potential.

To support you as you explore our Early Education and Care centres, we have prepared a handy tour guide below.

We hope this guide will help you gain a good understanding of our services and how we can support your child to thrive.

Things to ask
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It can be helpful to arrive at your tour prepared with questions to ask. If you haven’t found answers to questions about fees, opening hours or other operational matters on our website, feel free to ask them in addition to anything suggested below.

  • What do the staff do to get to know children and make them feel welcome? What will staff do if my child is upset?

  • What does a typical day look like? Can the daily routine be adjusted to suit my child’s needs?

  • How will the centre support my child’s learning and development? How will I know what my child is learning and doing at the centre?

  • How much time do children get to spend outside? What kinds of play and learning happens outside? What sun safety measures are in place?

  • How does the centre prepare children for school and beyond?

  • Are children with additional needs included at the service?

  • How are children’s needs for sleep or rest met?

  • What are mealtimes like at the centre? What does a typical menu look like? Is the centre allergy aware?

  • How do staff manage challenging behaviour?

  • How can the centre support my child to make friends?

  • How does the centre manage children’s injuries or illnesses? What should I do if my child gets sick?

  • How can I get involved in the centre community? How does the centre support family culture, rituals and celebrations?

  • Do children ever go on excursions? Is the centre connected with other services or places in the local area?
Things to notice
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There is a lot of information to take into account when choosing an Early Education and Care Centre.

While you walk and talk with your SDN tour guide, pay attention to your surroundings. This will help give you a good ‘feel’ for the centre, and whether it is the right fit for your child and family.

  • What kinds of activities are the children engaged in? What are the educator’s doing?

  • How do the indoor and outdoor spaces make you feel?

  • Does the centre seem organised and well-loved?

  • Do the children look happy? Are educator’s comforting any who are upset?

  • Are there examples of children’s thinking and learning? What creations can you see on display or in progress?

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