Our team of highly trained occupational therapists and speech therapists are all trained to deliver online therapy.

What can we help you with

Online therapies are well- researched and are already used successfully in rural areas.  Almost anything we can do face-to-face, we can now do online.

With many schools closed, our online therapy, can help you to develop or maintain a routine that supports your child’s continued learning. Online therapy can also help you to make the most out of your child's NDIS plan by minimising travel charges associated with therapy delivered face-to-face in your home. 

How do online therapies work?

Before your online therapy appointment, your therapist will plan how they can use your own space and materials to engage your child in therapy. They will work with you and provide you with tips and information on making your online therapy successful. During the therapy, you and your therapist will work together as a team using a free app called Zoom, your therapist guiding you while you physically deliver the therapy. We will also use the technology to observe and, where possible, interact with your child. We have already seen instances where children who didn’t engage well with face-to-face therapy became more engaged when using online technology.

Sessions are usually structured in the same way as face-to-face therapy sessions and can also include upskilling you in topics of interest, gathering more information (about behaviours, sensory, feeding, sleep and other areas) and working together to develop strategies and goals for the future.

SDN’s therapists support children with autism to overcome the challenges they face, such as supporting them to play and interact so they can engage and learn. You can find out more about SDN Children’s Therapies.

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