Our Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners aim to understand the causes of your child's behaviours of concern and then provide a collaborative support plan. This support plan contains strategies based on evidence, that can fully address your child and family's needs. Learn more about Positive Behaviour support below.

Positive Behaviour Support
About the service
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SDN is a NDIS registered Behaviour Support provider. We provide Positive Behaviour Support services for children and young people up to 16 years of age. We will work collaboratively with the child or young person, their family and other services so that we can support their goals and priorities, and identify and understand why they are engaging in behaviours of concern.

How does it work?
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Our Behaviour Support Practitioners will work collaboratively with you, your child and family, and other services so that we can support your goals and priorities. This support takes place at home, school or at an early education and care centre as well as in the community. The aim of SDN’s Behaviour Support Service is for everyone to feel welcomed, supported and understood so that we can work towards behaviour change that is meaningful for your child and your family.

While working with you, your behaviour support clinician will conduct a Functional Behaviour Assessment (which involves information gathering, observations and data collection) and develop a Positive Behaviour Support Plan. This includes positive practices and goals that will help the child or young person to learn new skills that will reduce and replace the behaviours of concern, and strategies for responding to behaviours of concern if they do occur. They will then support implementation of the plan through training and capacity building and a period of regular support.

The period of support may look different to other therapies. In a Behaviour Support service, we don’t schedule sessions in the way that other therapy practitioners might. We may work more regularly with a family over a period of time. We will monitor outcomes to see if the plan is supporting a reduction of behaviours of concern and an increase in the skills and behaviours that have been identified as replacements for the behaviours of concern. Progress in these areas will help to guide the duration of service.

As behaviours of concern can occur in multiple settings, it will be necessary for the Behaviour Support Practitioner to travel out to see the child or young person in these settings, which may result in travel being charged up to 30 minutes (as per the NDIS price guide) in addition to the planned session time.

Where it has been identified that a restricted practice is being considered or implemented in the support of a child or young person, SDN’s Behaviour Support Practitioners adhere to the requirements of the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission and the NSW DCJ Restricted Practice Policy and Procedure.

When working with a child or young person, we may make recommendations for the involvement of other services or professionals that could be of support in addressing behavioural concerns.

How can I access this service?
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Our practitioners can work with children and families in the Liverpool, Parramatta, Fairfield and Cumberland areas. 

For children under 7 years old, you may be able to use your Improved Daily Living Funding to gain support from our Behaviour Support Practitioners.

For children over 7 requiring Specialised Behaviour Support, you will need to have Improved Relationships Funding within your NDIS plan.

To enquire about our Behaviour Support services, you can Join our waitlist or contact us on 1300 831 445 to speak to our Service Enquiry Team. 

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