SDN will soon welcome a new centre to our village, known as SDN Macquarie Park.

SDN, has been providing quality education and care across NSW for 119 years, and is well known for providing an inclusive, high-quality, play-based program. 

Centrally located on a quiet street in Macquarie Park, with easy access and convenient parking, this newly renovated centre will care for and educate up to 90 children each day. 

The outdoor spaces at this purpose-built centre will provide safe and stimulating environments for children to explore and learn and include a bike track, sand pit and water play area. The open plan playground also includes a sensory area set into a landscaped garden which encouraging learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. 

The centre’s indoor spaces feature custom designed play rooms filled with natural light, a communal dining area with safe access to the kitchen so children can interact with our trained cook.  

SDN Macquarie Park is close to public transport links, has plenty of parking for easy pick up and drop off and space allocated for pram parking.  

A family meeting room provides a confidential and quiet space to meet with your child’s educator or centre director.  

Educators in this centre will work in partnership with families to identify each child’s strengths and interests, choose teaching strategies, design learning environments, and to connect our service-based learning opportunities with home-based learning. You can learn more about SDN’s educational program here. 

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Important information
Infant & toddler educational program
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Growing bodies need movement and exercise. Growing minds need stimulus and exploration. Growing hearts need opportunities to play and mix with others.

At SDN we know that the best thing we can do for your infant or toddler is to support them to grow and develop in safe, unhurried, nurturing and challenging environments.

Because infants and toddlers are naturally curious, our centres have well-equipped indoor and outdoor areas that will keep your child moving and give them daily opportunities to explore their limits and grow their abilities.

Your child is unique and so we will devise a learning and development program within our curriculum pillars, based on what we know about your child’s interests, learning and development. Because they will always be changing and growing, we consistently review the program to ensure we are keeping up with your child’s development, providing them with the best learning opportunities.

Read more about our practice with children here.

Preschool educational program
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Get more than school-ready, get life-ready 

Getting school-ready is a journey. It begins with your child’s very first day at our welcoming early education and care centres and continues with our dedicated preschool program.

Developed by university-trained early childhood teachers, our preschool program focuses on the whole child. Children learn to make friends and work together, while gaining the skills and independence they need to thrive through the big transition to school.

Our preschool program follows an evidence-backed, play-based learning approach. Children have fun and follow their curiosity, while we weave in vital skills and learning outcomes.

SDN uses Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework to explore a diverse curriculum from science to social justice. Our days are predictable but flexible, blending structured and spontaneous learning, free play, movement and quiet time.

Our curriculum pillars are:

 Relationship and social skills

 Critical thinking and problem solving

 Early literacy and numeracy

 Health, wellbeing and movement

 Science, technology, construction and design

 Nature play and sustainability

 Creative arts

 Equity and social justice

Our centres have a transition to school program where our teachers and educators work together with local schools to prepare your child for a smooth transition, and support families through the process.

Read more about our preschool program here.

Outdoor space
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SDN's outdoor spaces provide opportunities for children to enjoy themselves and have adventures. They’re safe environments for children to run, jump and yell, make mud cakes, and use their energy. Outdoor spaces provide more than physical benefits. Even though you may think that children only play outside to have fun, they're also improving their thinking, social, and emotional skills. When they’re playing outside, they’re inventing games, learning about the world at their own pace, and figuring out social customs like turn taking.

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From 1 July 2024, our fees will be $176 per day for children under three years old and $167 per day for children three years and over.

The majority of families in our centres do not pay the full daily fee because they receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from the government.

The subsidy you may receive through the CCS will depend on:

  • Your combined family income
  • The number of hours you work, study or participate in recognised volunteer work. This is called the ‘activity test’. If your child is in the year before school, if you are on a very low income, or if you are on parental leave, you will not have to pass the activity test to receive some CCS.

Your child will need to meet immunisation requirements and you will need to meet residency requirements to be eligible to receive the CCS.

You can also calculate what your out-of-pocket child care costs will be on the government’s Starting Blocks Child Care Subsidy Calculator.


NSW Start Strong funding - Additional Preschool Fee Relief

On top of any CCS you may receive, the NSW Government is providing additional fee relief:

  • If your child turns 4 years old or before 31 July 2024, is enrolled in a preschool program at an eligible long day care service and doesn’t receive preschool relief (also called start strong funding) from another preschool, you will receive up to $2,110 in fee relief.
  • If your child is 3 years old and not yet 4 years old on, or before 31 July in 2024, is enrolled at an eligible long day care service and doesn’t receive preschool relief (also called start strong funding) from another preschool, you will receive up to $500 in fee relief.

Find more information about the Start Strong program here. If you’ve read this information and you’re still unsure about what you’ll pay, please call us on 1300 831 445 or book a centre tour. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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Keeping children safe is at the heart of everything we do.

We are a Child Safe Organisation whose purpose is to promote and enhance children’s wellbeing, learning and development in inclusive environments. 

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