SDN Children’s Services will be managing this centre on behalf of the University of New South Wales from January 2021

Owl’s House has been purposefully designed by children with children in mind.

Owl’s House is leading the new generation of ECEC centre design and approach to early childhood learning through communal spaces allowing multiple ages to explore and use all areas, alongside each other. Owl’s Houses’ many stimulating play spaces spread across 2 houses, 4 levels and 3 outdoor areas provide a range of experiences, play and teaching for all children with windows at eye level to see the outside world, a dining space for shared meals and natural open play spaces.

Our qualified team facilitate innovative, child-centred and child-led learning programs in a safe, healthy, happy and stimulating context that help all children to develop a love of life-long learning through activities and teaching approaches that nurture caring hearts, healthy bodies and curious minds.

Important information
Meet the Director - Bethany Yu
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As an early childhood teacher, I have seven-years kindergarten teaching experience in China before immigrating to Australia. Moving to a new country provides challenges and an opportunity for me to review personal and professional philosophy and open minds to diversity. My professional vision has developed to promoting harmony through a lens of diversity to champion an inclusive culture. Currently, I have a bachelor's degree in education (Birth to Five Years) and a master's degree in educational leadership. My research topics include but not limited to the quality learning environment, reflective practice and professional learning.  I also look forward to using my knowledge and skills to explore the balance among transformational leadership, distributed leadership and instructional leadership.

In 2013, I was fortunate enough to become the permanent educators at Owl's House UNSW and witnessed the centre's opening. I love this place very much as it provides me with an excellent working environment to continue my professional journey in early childhood education in Australia. It also supported me to settle in this new country which has become my second home. In January 2021, I joined SDN family and became the director of SDN Owl's House Kingsford @ UNSW. It provides me with another beautiful opportunity to continue my professional journey at Owl's House and to continue supporting the children and their families in UNSW and the local community.

At Owl's house, we focus on people. We respect and celebrate each child's uniqueness and see them as individual explorers with unlimited possibilities. Inclusive and reflective practices embed in our daily routine and also enrich our learning journeys. As we see parents as children's first teachers, we appreciate the collaborative partnership and look forward to working with all families to support each child's development and wellbeing in different dimensions. At Owl's House, we also respect and appreciate each staff's strengths and contribution. Their professional commitment and efforts promote quality education and care and encourage me to become a positive, reflective and innovative leader.

What to bring
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When you start you will be provided with details of exactly what you need to pack. However, you may consider packing:

  • Sun-safe hat (such as a broad-brimmed or legionnaires hat) which covers your child's face, neck and ears
  • At least one full spare set of clean clothes
  • A bib or two (if required)
  • Nappies as required
  • Comfort item or transitional object (if required), such as a small toy or blanket
  • Dummy in a sealed container (if required)
  • Bottles with expressed milk or formula (if required)
  • Water bottle
  • Any medications your child may require – please do not leave these in your child's bag, instead, give to centre staff and do not leave the centre until you have completed the relevant medication form.
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From 1 January 2021, our fees will be $166 per day for children under three years old and $147 per day for children three years and over.

NB: UNSW University staff fees will be $157 per day and $138 per day for children three years and over. UNSW University student fees will $128 per day and $115 per day for children three years and over.

The majority of families in our centres do not pay the full daily fee because they receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from the government.

The subsidy you may receive through the CCS will depend on:

  • Your combined family income
  • The number of hours you work, study or participate in recognised volunteer work. This is called the ‘activity test’. If your child is in the year before school, if you are on a very low income, or if you are on parental leave, you will not have to pass the activity test to receive some CCS.

Your child will need to meet immunisation requirements and you will need to meet residency requirements to be eligible to receive the CCS.

Try our CCS estimator tool here.

You can also calculate what your out of pocket child care costs will be on the government’s child care subsidy calculator.

If you’ve read this information and you’re still unsure about what you’ll pay, please call us or book a centre tour. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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