Circle of Security – emotional security in the childcare setting

It’s only natural for children to test boundaries, after all it’s their job. We want them to feel confident to explore their world and their own capabilities, but this can come with challenges for both children and their parents or caregivers.

At SDN we believe in supporting parents and caregivers when they need it most. The Circle of Security program is a research based, practical program aimed at helping navigate those tricky moments and helping children developing secure attachments. It’s a program aimed at supporting a child's needs and providing a positive and secure environment for a child to grow.

While Circle of Security provides a useful model for working one-on-one with families, the program is also making a positive impact in the childcare setting. Many of our early childcare educators have undertaken the six-week Circle of Security course adding further specialized training to their skill set.

It’s really practical,’ says one educator. ‘You can see a difference straight away by implementing something you’ve worked on in the program.’

The program is based on the insight that while children need to test boundaries emotionally or physically, they also need to feel supported. That’s where the parent or caregiver can provide the emotional support that in turn builds resilience. For educators the program further enhances their tool kit when it comes to settling children into the centre and navigating moments of transition or tension in the child’s life.

‘The program supports caregivers and educators to respond to a range of feelings and encourages working with families to set positive goals that help children flourish. These opportunities to fill their cup are what lay down the healthy foundation for their future relationships’ says a SDN case worker.

Circle of Security is an empowering program that focuses on building secure attachments for children while working closely with families. Its flexible and child focused and puts the emotional security of each child at the heart of their development.

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