SDN Mosman provides early childhood education and child care for 56 children per day in the beautiful Lower North Shore suburb of Mosman, and has a real feel of being 'a home away from home'.

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Rebecca Jenkins
Highly highly highly recommend! Our child has been going here for just under a year, and the milest...Read More
Joanna Ward
Our son LOVES his time at SDN Mosman! This centre is highly recommended, it really is like an extens...Read More
Kris Rose
My son started in the toddler room in 2020 and our experience has been exceptional. So grateful for ...Read More
Robert Brezniak
A great daycare with caring and professional staff. There is always a happy and positive feeling at ...Read More
Candace Nascimento
SDN Mosman has been an absolute haven for our son from day one! We’ve seen him grow and develop so m...Read More
Catherine Gowen
All the staff at SDN Mosman are always so warm and friendly. The centre provides high quality care ...Read More
Emma Favretto
I can’t speak highly enough of SDN Mosman and the lovely team of carers. Our boys are so happy there...Read More
Brendan P
SDN Mosman provide more than exceptional care and education for our two small children. Georgia and ...Read More
Erin McCauley
This is a brilliant childcare centre. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and truly care a...Read More
Cathe Galeano
Our experience with SDN Mosman has been exceptional. The educators are caring, supportive and have r...Read More
Kate Annear
We have been so impressed with the team at SDN Mosman, they take wonderful care of our little boy an...Read More
Adam Aziz
Nicholas Watney
Our daughter has been attending SDN for the past 2.5 years. The support has been attentive and unwav...Read More
Penelope Sheen
Our children had a wonderful experience at SDN, they were both very happy. The staff are all lovely ...Read More
Our experience with SDN Mosman has been exceptional from the first day our daughter attended from pr...Read More
Dinesh Thomas
SDN Mosman is an incredible early childhood centre, the staff are highly trained and so caring, and ...Read More
Elouise Dellit
My three year old has been attending SDN for a few months and he absolute loves it and we are so gla...Read More
Megan Greig
Our family has received a very warm welcome at SDN Mosman. The children clearly trust and are well b...Read More
Sophie Roche Souris
Such a beautiful, caring and fun environment. Our son is in the baby room and, as many kids do, had ...Read More
Michael de Mestre
Amazing centre and wonderful staff who put the children first
Kelly Daniell
Fantastic centre with lovely staff. Very high quality child care
Lauren Dalla
My son has been at the centre in the Nursery Room for 3 months and he absolutely loves it! The Educa...Read More
Jenni Philippe
Amazing childcare centre. The team and director are outstanding, very caring, professional, always ...Read More
Erin Donelley
A wonderful daycare. Fabulous staff, great learning environments and positive culture. I know my son...Read More
Edward Burgos (Edward B)
Great Staff and Great environment
Nadine Kerrie Finlay
My son has been attending SDN Mosman since Jan 2016. In this time, we have had such a positive exper...Read More
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33 Brierley Street Mosman NSW 2088

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Important information
Meet the Centre Director - Silvia, SDN Mosman
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My qualifications and experience

I have a PhD in Education at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

I have been working with children for over 12 years and have been living in Australia for the past 8 years. During my time in Australia, I have always worked in the early childhood sector in leadership positions.

I joined SDN Mosman as Centre Director in 2023.

What I’m most passionate about in my role

I am passionate about the co-creation of projects with children, families, and staff. In project-based learning, we don’t impose a vision on children, but we work collaboratively with children to build a vision based on their interests. This way of practice supports children’s ability to think critically and flexibly and make them active citizens of this world.

I am also passionate about quality approaches to early childhood and care, and attending professional development conferences, both local and international.


What I love about working with SDN

I love that at SDN we plan and practice with intentionality, such as in preparing learning environments for children.

I also really love that our families feel secure and supported here, and in-turn they support our centre back with warm participation. Our team feels a real sense of honour in building reciprocal relationships with families.


A little bit more about me

I see myself as a global citizen of the world. I have completed internships and worked in Rome, New York and Sydney. This is why I believe so passionately about children becoming citizens of the world.

In my spare time I take dancing classes. I am a people person, who treasures friendships and building connections. I can also speak Italian and English.

Infant & toddler educational program
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Growing bodies need movement and exercise. Growing minds need stimulus and exploration. Growing hearts need opportunities to play and mix with others.

At SDN we know that the best thing we can do for your infant or toddler is to support them to grow and develop in safe, unhurried, nurturing and challenging environments.

Because infants and toddlers are naturally curious, our centres have well-equipped indoor and outdoor areas that will keep your child moving and give them daily opportunities to explore their limits and grow their abilities.

Your child is unique and so we will devise a learning and development program within our curriculum pillars, based on what we know about your child’s interests, learning and development. Because they will always be changing and growing, we consistently review the program to ensure we are keeping up with your child’s development, providing them with the best learning opportunities.

Read more about our practice with children here.

Preschool educational program
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Get more than school-ready, get life-ready 

Getting school-ready is a journey. It begins with your child’s very first day at our welcoming early education and care centres and continues with our dedicated preschool program.

Developed by university-trained early childhood teachers, our preschool program focuses on the whole child. Children learn to make friends and work together, while gaining the skills and independence they need to thrive through the big transition to school.

Our preschool program follows an evidence-backed, play-based learning approach. Children have fun and follow their curiosity, while we weave in vital skills and learning outcomes.

SDN uses Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework to explore a diverse curriculum from science to social justice. Our days are predictable but flexible, blending structured and spontaneous learning, free play, movement and quiet time.

Our curriculum pillars are:

 Relationship and social skills

 Critical thinking and problem solving

 Early literacy and numeracy

 Health, wellbeing and movement

 Science, technology, construction and design

 Nature play and sustainability

 Creative arts

 Equity and social justice

Our centres have a transition to school program where our teachers and educators work together with local schools to prepare your child for a smooth transition, and support families through the process.

Read more about our preschool program here.

Outdoor space
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Families in our urban based centres often call our outdoor areas their “green oasis”.

SDN's outdoor spaces provide opportunities for children to enjoy themselves and have adventures. They’re safe environments for children to run, jump and yell, make mud cakes, and use their energy.

Outdoor spaces provide more than physical benefits. Even though you may think that children only play outside to have fun, they're also improving their thinking, social, and emotional skills. When they’re playing outside, they’re inventing games, learning about the world at their own pace, and figuring out social customs like turn-taking.

These are just some of the reasons SDN invests in developing new, award-winning outdoor spaces with natural designs that inspire children’s curiosity, physical play, and social play.

Centre history
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The traditional owners of the area now known as Mosman are the Kuringgai People.

SDN Mosman opened in 1944 at 33 Brierley Street, a residential house that had been purchased by SDN in 1943 and converted into a nursery school.

Mosman’s large Federation-style houses were home to professionals and artists. During the Second World War, the need for long daycare and nursery schools in the Mosman area became apparent as more women took up work, or worked for long hours.

In 1976, the nursery school’s ‘old cottage’ house was replaced with the current building, which still provides a light-filled, modern environment for the education and care of children more than 40 years later.

Since its beginnings, SDN Mosman has reflected a strong connection with local families, and supported SDN's vision and commitment to enhance the wellbeing and development of all children.

Read more about Mosman's history here.

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From 7 August 2023, our fees will be $218 per day for children under three years old and $199 per day for children three years and over.

SDN Mosman also offers half day sessions. Half days are $129 for 0-3 years and $117 for 3-5 years, from 9am to 2pm.

The majority of families in our centres do not pay the full daily fee because they receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from the government.

The subsidy you may receive through the CCS will depend on:

  • Your combined family income
  • The number of hours you work, study or participate in recognised volunteer work. This is called the ‘activity test’. If your child is in the year before school, if you are on a very low income, or if you are on parental leave, you will not have to pass the activity test to receive some CCS.

Your child will need to meet immunisation requirements and you will need to meet residency requirements to be eligible to receive the CCS.

Try our CCS estimator tool here.

You can also calculate what your out of pocket child care costs will be on the government’s child care subsidy calculator.

Additional Preschool fee relief

In addition, the NSW Government is providing up to $2110 in fee relief for preschool aged children who are enrolled in the preschool program at SDN Children’s Services from 2023.

If your child will be 4 on or before 31 July 2023, this additional funding could mean up to $40 a week in fee relief to your family, on top of the existing child care subsidy.

Read more about the NSW early years commitment

If you’ve read this information and you’re still unsure about what you’ll pay, please call us or book a centre tour. We’re happy to answer your questions.

Occasional care for your child
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At SDN we want to ensure that all families have access to high quality, inclusive education and care as we provide at SDN Mosman. That’s why we offer the opportunity to enrol for occasional care at this centre.

Families in flexible care have the opportunity to take a full or a half-day place and must make at least one booking every 8 weeks.

Occasional care bookings are taken subject to availability on the day and you can book occasional care for either a full day or a half-day.

Half day fees will be $129 for children under three years old and $117 for children three years and over.

To find out more call us on 1300 831 445.

What to bring
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0-2 Babies

  • Change of clothes x2
  • Hat – sun safe  
  • Shoes and Socks
  • Warm clothes / Jacket (for outside play)
  • Shoes and Socks
  • Comforter – soft toy/blanket/dummy
  • Bottles and milk formula/breast milk
  • Blanket / Cot sheets

2-3 Toddlers

  • Spare underwear
  • Change of clothes
  • Hat – sun safe
  • Shoes and Socks
  • Warm clothes / Jacket (for outside play)
  • Drink Bottle
  • Comforter – for rest time
  • Blankets

3-5 Preschoolers  

  • Spare underwear
  • Change of clothes
  • Hat – sun safe
  • Shoes and Socks
  • Warm clothes / Jacket (for outside play)
  • Drink Bottle
  • Blankets
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Nutrition and Mealtimes

We provide children with a variety of healthy foods, and cater for children with allergies and intolerances.

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